1.  Membership. Have a membership with USATF Florida through the current Olympia (December 2020). Join or renew your membership at this link.

2.  Certification Form.   For Recertification: Must complete, sign, and submit the 2017-2020 Certified Official Recertification Form.  Click on this link to get the form.

      For New Officials certifying for the first time, must complete, sign, and submit the 2017-2020 New Officials Application Form. Click on http://www.usatf.org/usatf/files/08/080d7bc3-7fbd-46d7-bde2-b76b5f0ca39a.pdf to get the form.

You only need to send in page one of the Certification/Recertification form.

3.  Rules Review.  Must complete and achieve a passing score on the rules review appropriate to your certification level and discipline.  Click on the link below to get the rules review you need. SUBMIT ONLY THE ANSWER SHEET by mail it along with your application and check. For the Rules reviews go to http://www.usatf.org/Resources-for---/-groups-officials-/Certification/Forms-and-Reviews.aspx
4.  Certification Fee.    The Certification fee is $20.00, make checks payable to USATF Florida (good for the 4 year Olympiad). 
Mail 1) the page 1 of the Certification/Recertification form along with 2) your Rules Review answer sheet and 3) the recertification or certification fee ($20.00, checks made payable to USATF Florida) to: Monica Snead, 
790 16th Avenue South, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701 

5.   SafeSport Training.   Must successfully complete the US Olympic Committee SafeSport training course.  Take the training either in-person at a clinic, or online at this link (on the SafeSport training website be sure to add your USATF membership number by selecting "USA Track and Field" under "Memberships" to receive completion credit).  Training previously completed is valid through 2020. 

6.  Background Screens are required for all certified officials and are good for two years. If your screen expires, your certification is suspended. If you have questions about when your Background Screen is set to expire, contact your Association Certification Chair. You should receive email reminder 30-days before your screen expires; it may come from "coaching@usatf.org" and may be addressed to "Coach”, but it still applies to officials.

a. To apply for a new screening go to:
http://www.usatf.org/Resources-for---/-groups officials-/Certification/Background-Screen.aspx

b.  Click on "Begin the Application" at the bottom of the page.
c.  Log-in with your 10-digit USATF membership number and password.
d.  Click on “Submit Application”
e.  Click on “I understand, Continue on”

There’s a requirement to upload an image of your ID (driver's license or Passport). You can submit your ID using a *.jpg, *.pdf, *.bmp, *.gif, *.tiff, or *.png format. Make sure the document is readable before uploading it. The file size cannot be larger than 4 MB (megabytes). One way to get an image of the ID is to take a photo of it; then e-mail it to yourself; then download it to a location where you can find it; and then upload it when requested on the NCSI site. If you encounter difficulties, call or email the company (NCSI) at 866-833-7100 or ClientServices@ncsisafe.com.

7.  Official’s Resume  You need to send your officiating resume for just the last four years (if you have been officiating for 4 years), it should include month and year of meet, name of meet, City and State, name of meet director or Officials coordinator, what event(s) you worked (knowing we frequently work more than one event during a meet) and if you were the lead official. Mail to Monica Snead, 790 16th Avenue South, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701 

8.  Photo Must have a current photo in the certification database or submit a new one (jpeg format preferred).  Email your pictures to Rod Larsen, Florida Officials Chair at certification@florida.usatf.org and save the picture/File name as Last Name, First name 2019. This needs to be just a “Head Shot” similar to one for a passport. It should have a plain background and do not wear a hat or sunglasses. Taking it with a cell phone is fine. This is the only item that you email, all other items must be mailed.
For this Olympiad, certified officials will receive a complimentary “uniform” polo. You are able to add your size through the USATF membership profile, you will use your ten digit member number and password. Only the National office can send you your password if you do not remember it. Or the Officials chair (Monica Snead, certification@florida.usatf.org) can enter your shirt size into the database for you.
There are both Men’s and Women’s sizes.

Note:  The new shirts are perhaps ½ size smaller than “normal” so you might consider a larger size.