Date of Birth Verification 

  • Age verification is only done for new USA Track & Field (USATF) memberships.  
  • Renewals do not need to be age verified again.  Once athlete is age verified, always age verified.
  • Valid forms for use in age verification for the athlete (only one of the following is needed):
    • Birth certificate
    • Passport
    • Driver's license or learner's permit
    • Government ID
  • A copy of these forms is accepted.  A legible photograph is fine.  A scanned, legible, emailed image of the verification document is fine.
  • Age verification is required if the athlete wishes to compete in certain USATF- sanctioned events (Association, Region, National).
  • Age verification documents should be sent to the

Associations Transfer

Requesting to transfer associations will have to be done by filling out our Association Request Form, link provided below.

 Club Affiliation Change

The following instructions are for members whose club affilation is within the Floria Assocation and want to transfer to another club within the Florida Association.

After reviewing the request, the membership chair will either make the change in your member profile or request additional information.
  • Only the member (or his/her legal guardian) can request a club affiliation change (coaches may not make this request on behalf of another member).
  • Send a "Club Transfer Request" as an e-mail to
  • Include the following:
    • Member's name and USATF membership number
    • The reason for requesting the change
    • Your current club affiliation (including "unattached")
    • The name of the new club you want to be affiliated with
    • The name of the event/meet, location, and date where you last competed for a USATF club (if applicable)

Changing Club Affiliation not within the Florida Association

For members who wish to change their club affiliation to or from an association that's not in the Florida Association, contact Member Services in the National Office at

Information listed above will be required when submitting request to USATF National Member Services.