USATF Florida MUT Championship’s

Several weeks ago I attended the USATF Florida annual meeting in Miramar. During the meeting chairpersons were being elected for the various committees in USATF Florida, when it came to the MUT ( Mountain, Ultra, Trail ) position, no one in the room knew anything about the sport, so I volunteered to chair the position.   And just like that I’m now the Florida MUT rep.

One of the firstt things on the agenda is identifying races to be considered “Championship” events.  Since Florida doesn’t have any noteworthy mountains, we’re going to focus on the Ultra & Trail sections.  Championships can be held for any “Ultra” distance, so one can be held for 100 mile road, and another for 100 mile trail ( and a 100 mile mountain, if we had any mountains )  That would also apply for 100 km road & trail, 50 mile road & trail, and 50 km road and trail, as well as a distance above 100. Not saying there will be a championship in every distance and a race may have a championship in more than one distance at the same time ( ex the 100 mile & 50 mile or the 100 mike & 100 km )  Not all races will qualify, a race like Ancient Oaks which is limited to 60 runners due to Park rules won’t be considered due to its limited field size, also I won’t have a championship event at PALM100 or Picnic Island, since I direct & codirect those events.  To check interest, I’ve created a document to apply for a championship, you can find it here.

A committee has been formed to review the races that express interest in becoming a “Championship” event. Email me at with any questions you have!  With over 80 Ultras in Florida it’s time to showcase Florida Ultras to the rest of the country!    

Scott Richards
Florida USATF MUT Rep

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