Athletes at USATF Florida Men’s, Women’s, and Masters Meet Run to Impress


Here are some highlights from the championships – 

Men’s and Women’s

In the Women 29 & U 100mh Tiana Davis ran 12.96 to win the competition, and would have had the mark to qualify for the U.S. Olympic trials. Sadly, due to the 3.0 wind during the race, her time can’t be used towards the upcoming trials. In the Men 30-34 110mh, Antwon Hicks representing Nigeria just missed his Olympic qualifying mark running 13.50. In the Women’s 29 & U 100mAdanaca Brown of the Bahamas wins the event easy after placing 4th in 100mh running 11.68. With the huge amount of competitors in the Men’s 100m, the competition brought the best out of the guys allowing some to run fast.  Winning the event overall was Tonsin Ogunode of Star Athletics running 10.41. Close behind was Adam Harris of Guyana, running 10.42. In the 400m dash for Women 29 & U, Tiffany Harris runs an easy race to finish with a time of 54.81. In the next age bracket (30-34), Francine Nzilampa runs 1:00.76 to win the age group, and come in 2nd for the event. Malaikah Love also qualified for the USA Olympic Trials in the Triple Jump with a mark of 13.53 (44.04.75).

In the Men’s 29 & U 400m dash David Dickens, won the event running 46.65. Jamal Walton, was the only high schooler in the race running 49.41 to come in 2nd place. For the Men’s 35-39, Carlos Pedroso won the age group, with a time of 52.05 which gave him 3rd place overall. Representing World Athletics was, David Arisstil who won the 400m hurdles running 50.67. Coming in 2nd place was David Voland running 51.68. In the Women’s 800m (29 & U), Ericka Charles won the event running 2:12.93. In the Men’ 800m, high schooler Josiah Campbell takes 1st place running 2:10.38. Next event on the track was the Women’s 200m, the winner for the 2nd time of the day was Tiffany Harris running 23.43. In 2nd place was high schooler Anitria Sanger running 26.23. The final running event of the day was the Men’s 200m dash. The winner of the event was Robert Moise of Haiti, running 20.78. Which puts him one step closer to get the Haiti Olympic Standard for the 200m, which is 20.4. Another great highlight of the championships is that Aubry Smith jumped 26' 9.25 and qualified for the Jamaican Olympic Team. 

Masters Men and Women

There weren’t many Masters Men and Women at the track meet yesterday, but the ones who were there didn’t disappoint. In the Men’s 110mh (45-49), Herbert Simoes ran 14.90 to win his age group and come in 2nd for the overall competition. For the Women’s 80-84 100m, Essie Faria representing Miami Northwest Express, wins the age bracket running 21.01. In the 1500m run, Michelle Allen was the only women in the competition, and she pushed herself to run a 5:35.47 to keep up with the man in front of her who only ran 5:31.67. Allen also won her age group in the 800m running 2:53.33. In the Men’s 400m (45-49), John Cormier ran 53.83 to win the age bracket and place 5th overall.  In the Men’s 400mh (50-54), Geutilo Echeandia won his age group running 1:02.91. To round out the Masters competition, in the Men’s 200m Geutilo Echeandia (50-54) ran 24.11 to win the age group. Also, Derek Hughes won the 40-44 age group with a time of 25.29.

Field Events

In the field, there were a few standouts, including 29 & U, Malachi Tisch jumping 6-08.75 tying with 35-39, Henderson Dottin to get first place in their respective age groups. In the Women’s long jump (29 & U), Lana Mimms won the competition with her jump of 20-06.25. Amber McGillcuddy won the 30-34 long jump, with her mark of 18-02.50. In the next age bracket of the long jump (45-49), Lori Burda jumped 16-01 to place 3rd overall and to win her age group. In the Women’s 80-84 long jump, the well-known Essie Faria at 81 years old jumped 6-08.50. Now on the Men’s Long Jump. In the 29 & U age bracket, Aubrey Smith jumped 26-05.25 to get 1st place. Not too far behind was, Austin Lewis who jumped 25-08. The only high schooler in the bunch was, Tard Smith who jumped 20-10, a new personal best for the youngster.  In the Men’s 45-49 Long Jump, the inner was Brian Ashley jumping 17-04.75. The triple jump was the next field event and Malaikah Love won the competition with her 44-04.75 jump. In the 29 & U Women’s Discus, the well-known South Florida Gustley sister takes first and second place; Phoebe Gustley threw 138-04 to Engel out he sister Sophia, who threw 126-02. The sisters also took 1st and 2nd in the javelin throwing, 112-01 and 89-02. 

 In the Men’s 60-64 Discus, Guy Dirkin (63) out throws the entire competition with a 144-10 mark. With 2nd place overall and in the 60-64 age group was Drew Bentley who threw, 129-02. Guy Dirkin also takes another 1st place home in the Men’s Hammer Throw, throwing 140-03. In the Men’s Javelin, 57 year old Stuart Spangenberg threw 181-03 to win his age group and the whole competition. 70 year old Jack Wagner, threw an impressive 100-03 to win his age bracket in the javelin.

By Denise Spann