Hello Racewalkers
Looking forward to meet all racewalkers in the association, I am Daniel Koch, USATF-FLORIDA racewalk Chair
I am also the president of the South Florida Racewalkers.

Athletes and volunteers at the 15K

Officials at the 15K

Racewalkers that broke or set the state record at the Florida Assoc 3000/1500m RW

MAITE MOSCOSO  F 43, 3000M, Time 15:10:53 - Broke Record

ALEXANDRA STENNET  F 14, 1500M Time 8:5654 - Broke Record

JUAN MOSCOSO  M 14, 1500M Time 7:45:52 - Set Standard

GERRY GOMES  M 83, 1500M Time 10:52:86 - Broke Record