USATF FL Masters Athletes
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After much feedback I am looking to move the USATF FL Assn/State meet to a more centrally located venue after several years in a row is South Florida.  I am trying to increase participation for our N. Florida athletes by eliminating a 5 hour drive and an overnight stay for the meet.  Many members have suggested rotating the meet from North to Central to South every year to make it fair.  Sounds like a good idea to me.  As soon as a meet site is approved it will be posted, giving you as much time a possible to plan for it.
In an effort to get you out of your comfort zone I am challenging you try a throwing event (or several) at the 2016 Assn. Meet.  I hear every year from Athletes that they would have signed up for (example) the Javelin, but they don't own one and in the past we specifically stated we would not be providing implements for the meet.  Well I hope those days are over as I am actively trying to acquire "ALL"  implements for every age group male and female.   Also, we will be scoring the Throws Pentathlon (Shot, Discus, Hammer, Javelin & WT) at the 2016 meet.  Now there will be no excuse not to give it a try.   I hope you do !
For 2016 USATF is implementing Random Drug screening for Masters Athletes a list of prohibited substances can be found on the USADA website.  If you are taking one or more of these substances prescribed by a Doctor all you need to do is get a TUE form filled out by the Doctor  and submit it.  All this information is available at the USADA site.  It is simple to do, so if in doubt check it out.
Please contact me at our Facebook Group Page or directly at with questions, suggestions or issues that I can help you with.
James Griffin 
USATF FL Masters Chair